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Valentine’s Day Flowers

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Valentine’s Day Flowers

In our Laura flowers shop you can find a huge variety of products, bouquets and compositions for Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts for lovers.

Show your love on Valentine’s Day and celebrate with flowers.

Enchanted rose in a glass dome – The most special flower for the most special person!

Inspired by the well-known fairy tale: THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

These are real roses that live for years, preserved to remain beautiful in such a way that they do not lose their charm over time. A symbol of eternal love and romance, the rose is first and foremost the flower of Love. The perfect gift for any occasion from birthday, anniversary, to Valentine’s Day.

The story of the Beauty and the Beast is known to all of us. It refers to a magic rose offered to a prince by a witch and through the rose a true love story is born. A love story, so different from the usual that it touched the hearts of us all. It is one of our favorite fairy tales that we have read, seen and loved in a movie.

A few words about the For Ever Rose

Each rose stands upright in a glass dome. It has been specially treated to last about 1-3 years. A special and impressive GIFT OF LOVE!

♥ Because love is like a fairy tale. Start your own fairy tale and travel to your own special love story writing on the card that will accompany it: “Once upon a time our fairy tale started… ♥”

Even when we grow up, fairy tales stay with us. Princesses, princes, fairies, witches all have a role and in their memory we feel like “children“. They are love stories with a happy ending “…they lived happily ever after…“.

Apart from the classic red roses that look more like the beauty and the beast of the fairy tale, at Laura Flowers you will find the forever rose in fuchsia and other colors.

It has been given many names, surely no matter how you look for it, you will make the most romantic surprise to the person you love!

  • Forever Roses
  • Roses for “forever”
  • Everlasting roses
  • Embalmed roses
  • Enchanted roses
  • Eternity rose

February 14: Valentine’s Day

Many believe that Valentine’s Day was created deliberately and mainly for commercial reasons. However, it is not a modern business creation but has ancient roots, with important events, both cultural and religious. Many legends are wrapped around it and we discover stories that take us back to the years of the Roman Empire.

“From your Valentine”… A phrase that has remained in the history of the centuries.

Valentine refused to renounce his religion and was executed on February 14, 269 AD. In other words, February 14th is, in fact, the day that Valentine died and the day that we honor his memory today. Since then, the habit of exchanging messages, cards, flowers and gifts has grown.

A custom of celebration in love and romance began. A custom that on February 14 we all express with gifts, flower bouquets and make surprises to our Valentines. A tribute to Valentine who sacrificed his life to bring love to life in this world.

With the advent of Christianity, this day became known as Valentine’s Day and became the protector of lovers.

Today we express our love and affection and of course we want something special and unique for our lovers. Of all the special occasions we celebrate throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most appropriate, to show our love to the person we desire, with a beautiful bouquet of favorite flowers.

Flowers for Valentine’s Day

In fact, although red roses are timeless and classic they are the most common choice for this day as they express passion and love.

There are many flowers for Valentine’s Day that you could offer and surprise. Think about their favorite color or if they have a specific flower that they love and choose this one. Rest assured that not only will they be impressed with your move, but they will greatly appreciate that you have things in mind that they like.

Ask the Laura Flowers to make you a colorful and happy bouquet of flowers, so that when you offer it, all the happiness and love you feel can be seen in it.

Choose a floral composition and combine it with a teddy bear, balloon, chocolates, candies or whatever you wish.

Roses for Valentine’s Day

Offer red roses. On Valentine’s Day, they are one of the most popular flowers and their taste reaches the top. You can if you want to combine them with other colors such as pink or white.

Tulips for Valentine’s Day

Choose a bouquet of tulips that symbolize eternal love.

Gerberas for Valentine’s Day

A romantic gift idea is gerberas that bring life to their bright colors. They will definitely bring a smile to the face you love.

Lilium for Valentine’s Day

Fill the heart of your loved one with the wonderful scent of lilies. You will find them in a wide variety of colors and shades.

Orchids for Valentine’s Day

The symbiote orchid is a great choice for you who want to stand out with something unique.

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