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Flower Compositions

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Flower Compositions

Laura Flowers, creates flower compositions with colorful flowering plants and elegant green plants placed in baskets, various pots and vases create wonderful gifts for special events. See gift ideas and suggestions from our amazing collection of compositions with fresh flowers that will surely impress whichever you choose!

Flower compositions with seasonal flowers. Make a nice surprise to those you love.

Choose unique table flower compositions for birthday today. Wish them a day of celebration or birthday with a wonderful composition of fresh flowers with same day delivery.

Flower compositions at Laura Flowers. Many choices in flower compositions, from simple to complex constructions, in minimal or classic pots to impressive vases and baskets, for every special day that will be loved!

All proposals are indicative and can be changed or modified depending on your needs. Our Florist near you for your every need to express your feelings.

Flower compositions in a clay vase

Flower compositions in a clay vase are mostly preferred with roses, orchids, gerberas and introductory foliage. Shipping throughout Athens flowers and plants with wonderful combinations of colors and shades.

A large variety of high quality flowers in dynamic color combinations meet clay vases or glass with a special and unique design. The result could not be anything less than modern and impressive.

The flower decoration of a table is a key ingredient for every successful meal or event. From an invitation to the house to a more formal dinner to a wedding reception, the flower composition of the table is the one that will shape the aesthetics and the mood.

The choice of fresh flowers to decorate the table is definitely not random. The flowers with their colors, liveliness, aroma and ornamental value welcome the visitors and of course raise the mood.

Table flower composition with a romantic mood and a sense of luxury

Romanticism, especially when combined with luxury and discreet sparkles, creates a very elegant, aristocratic and elegant atmosphere. From a formal dinner to the wedding reception, Laura Flowers decoration proposal find application and satisfy the refined taste.

The flower compositions are harmonious and balanced, placed in the center of the table, maintaining the formality with symmetry. The flowers are carefully selected. Roses in white and pink shades, pink anthuriums and Phalaenopsis orchids create very beautiful, cool and youthful compositions.

Table decoration inspired by the elegance of the Mediterranean

Intense floral, Moroccan motifs, ceramic vases, light blue, bronze, gold and pastel shades compose the rich decoration inspired by the pluralism of Mediterranean nature and culture. Special proposal for those who follow the trends of decoration and dare to be different.

Exuberant bouquets of peonies, roses and lilies and others with roses and beauties enhance the color and style of a table. An adornment with a lively temperament and a sense of joy and youth.

Succulents in flower compositions and decoration

Succulents were loved through terrariums and plant compositions found, after many years, their place in decoration. This trend has evolved and now succulents come out of glass and pots and participate in flower compositions alone or with other flowers and foliage.

Succulents with the variety of their colors, the special formations of the leaves but also their unique textures, can add interest and a sense of mystery to any flower composition. Wedding decoration, bridal bouquets, seasonal compositions, showcases, art de la table, gift flower arrangements are some of the ways that succulents can participate in.

The results are unexpectedly impressive and justify the bold choice!

Succulents have their own characteristics:

  • They have excellent resistance to lack of water and remain unchanged for many days in the compositions.
  • The leaf shapes, colors and textures are very diverse. It is no exaggeration to say that for every occasion there is a succulent that fits.
  • Many of the succulents bloom… even cut! Which offers even more interest in the flower compositions.
  • Even when the composition begins to wither, succulents can be multiply by a single leaf or part of their stem. Great idea to be able to create a living plant from the bridal bouquet!
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