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Flowers for Christmas

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Flowers for Christmas

On Christmas days, festive flower compositions decorate the interiors. From home to shop windows and shops they convey the festive atmosphere, colors and scents of Christmas.

In addition, this time of year the gifts have their honor! Original, modern or classic accompany wishes for the days but also for the nominal holidays.

Christmas stories, snowy landscapes, warm family scenes are sources of inspiration for festive creations. Natural materials, warm colors, flowers and foliage of the season, Christmas accessories, timeless bases are just some of the materials that accompany flowers for Christmas compositions.

Alternative Christmas trees

The Christmas tree is undoubtedly the star of the Christmas decoration! Compositions of flowers, foliage and accessories in the form of a Christmas tree can decorate from entrances to fireplaces and festive tables. Of course they are also beautiful festive gifts!

Christmas compositions with candles

Candles are always relevant at Christmas. They convey the spirit of the holidays and warm the atmosphere. With their special aromas, they also satisfy the sense of smell! Cylindrical, elongated, tealight, white or in festive colors can be the main element of a gift, of course accompanied by the appropriate flower composition.

Red – burgundy roses with purple orchids, brownies, mini leucadendon and gray senekia leaves. The base of light-colored tree bark balances the color composition. The result is a harmonious festive composition.

Red roses for Christmas

Red of course can not be missing from the days of Christmas and decorations. Roses in the warmest and brightest tones of red are an ideal choice for Christmas flower compositions. They combine in infinite ways with other flowers, foliage and decorative objects and always impress!

Christmas boxes!

Wooden, paper, fabric, with dark or light color, boxes always impress. Of course during the holidays, in addition to plant compositions, they can host Christmas ornaments, fruits, fir and pine branches and of course be decorated with impressive ribbons. Particularly popular boxes in recent years are the hat boxes with their cylindrical shape!

Christmas flower composition: A red hat box becomes the basis for a Christmas composition as a gift.

Natural materials

Fir, pine, mistletoe, bare branches, pine cones, cotton, nuts, pomegranates are some of the natural materials of the season. Alone or in combination with ornaments and Christmas flowers can create unique decorative proposals. Compositions from natural materials can suit almost all decoration styles from minimal to vintage, rustic and classic. Therefore, they are a safe choice for a festive gift.

Christmas decorations in a free composition

Every year the biggest celebration of the year is characterized by various trends and moods, sometimes more romantic and nostalgic and sometimes more playful and happy. Over time, what characterizes the Christmas decoration is the elegance in its various versions.

Vintage Chic

It is the trend that connects the old with the new and of course aims at emotion! The old crystal vases come out of the warehouse and are decorated with bare branches and Christmas flowers. The decoration can be completed with transparent balls that will give the aura of the new or with balls and objects in dark metallic colors.

Minimal, elegant and geometric Christmas!

For those who prefer the dynamic energy of modern design, the Urban Chic trend is the ideal proposal for Christmas decorations. Geometric patterns, simple lines and minimal figures will create a sense of urban elegance at home. The simplicity of the design and the elegance of the Christmas flowers are combined to create a minimal luxury.

Natural elegance

A trend that came to stay! Natural elements like flower compositions and materials are always the star of Christmas. They convey in the Christmas decorations the warmth, the calm and the relaxation that the contact with nature and the countryside exudes.


Another Christmas decoration proposal that remains always relevant. Greenery is a style of decoration with green foliage with different textures. We know it mainly through wedding decorations but also the decoration of interiors and exteriors. The greenery trend also finds great resonance in Christmas decorations.

Evergreen foliage with various textures and decorative fruits, create unique Christmas compositions for each space. However, this trend is a trend for the adventurous. It may seem “discreet” for Christmas decorations (due to the lack of color) or difficult to maintain when it comes to fresh flowers. However it can easily be part of Christmas decorations. For example, it can decorate the table or the fireplace or the entrance of the house. It will definitely aesthetically reward whoever chooses it!

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