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A Few Words About Us

Our love for flowers and our many years of experience in one of the oldest flower shops in Athens (VINTZILAIOS Flower Shop), led us to the decision to open the flower shop “LAURA SPRING FLOWERS, LAURETA S. DOGA” in the center of Athens. In our shop you will find fresh seasonal flowers, compositions, bouquets, plants, wedding and baptisms decorations, as well as various proposals at the best market prices! Our flower shop is located in the center of Athens, in Korai Square, near the Metro University station, inside the arcade. Address: Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue, 25-29 (University Str.) Post Code: 10564, Athens. We will be happy to serve you!

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The policy of LAURA SPRING FLOWERS is that every customer who enters the store or buys from our online store to find the flower that will make him feel unique and special… to find “his” flower. After so many years of presence in the field we have gained the experience needed to be able to suggest ideas and compositions that suit you and your personality. We can even suggest ideas for compositions and bouquets that you want to give to your beloved ones, always following the latest trends of the season. We have a huge variety of all kind of indoor and outdoor flowers but also, in us you will find the most special plants you are looking for.

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Our deliveries are immediate even the same day.

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Deliveries are made throughout Attica instantly.

Events that need decoration

Marriage and baptism are two important mysteries in the life of each of us. In these two mysteries of our lives we all want the decoration to be the most perfect and unique. To stand out but at the same time exude beauty and grandeur. We, at LAURA SPRING FLOWERS understand the preferences, we believe that you should see all the possible options that may exist and then choose the one you like and suits your taste.

Depending on the theme of the event, wedding or baptism, you should choose the appropriate flowers and their shades. For example, if you want to have a romantic decoration at your wedding we will suggest white orchids, white hydrangeas and peonies. You can also choose roses in pale pink shades to create bouquets of flowers in an even more romantic style.

Accordingly, the decoration of the baptism should be special and carefully selected to make your baptism stand out. You can create compositions with flowers of your choice, in the shades you want to add to the baptismal font or wherever you want. The good thing about these flower compositions for christening is that you can then take them and keep them for a long time to decorate your home.

Compositions for conference presentations

The decoration of the conference room is done according to your taste and depending on the event. You can choose for yourself one of the countless decorations suggested by LAURA FLOWERS for flower compositions and turn the conference space into a nice atmosphere.

A conference or presentation room, the more beautiful it will be decorated with flower compositions, the more it will look warm and will make the event successful. Compositions with flowers impart different warmth in the space.

Compositions with flowers and bouquets for every event

In addition to weddings, christenings and conferences, you may need flower arrangements and bouquets in other cases such as the birth of your baby, an offer of a business deal and special events such as Valentine’s Day. For any event you want, contact us and we will do our best.

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What services does LAURA FLOWERS provide?

Our flower shop undertakes the decoration and creation of flower compositions for every event. We have a wide variety of flowers and plants, therefor, we are able to meet all the requirements of our customers. More specifically, we can create flower compositions for:

  • wedding decoration
  • baptism decoration
  • decoration for meeting rooms
  • decoration for presentation events
  • gift to a newborn
  • birthday
  • name days
  • gifts in business deals
  • wedding proposals
  • gift for Valentine’s Day

Why choose LAURA FLOWERS for compositions with flowers

LAURA SPRING FLOWERS is one of the oldest flower shops in the field and has as its primary goal the satisfaction of its customers. This is the reason why you continue to keep us at the top of your choices.

We could mention many reasons why it is worth choosing our flower shop, but we will focus on the most important ones, such as:

  • prompt service with courtesy and smile
  • fast delivery to your place
  • variety in flowers and plants
  • unique suggestions and ideas for every event
  • always fresh and vibrant flowers
  • proper care to last longer
  • countless choices in plants
  • affordable prices
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