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Roses For Ever

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Roses For Ever

Roses For ever… Preserved roses in a wide variety of colors, placed in impressive glass bells of various dimensions. You can find all Forever Roses in our shop, Laura Flowers.

Beautiful flower gifting has never been this personal. Preserved roses have been processed with a revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance for several years. Shipping available in Athens. They last 3-5 years without any care at all. Avoid direct sunlight and water.

Express your love with a special gift that will last “forever”!


Rose bears

Make a beautiful gift to yourself, or give your own message of love to your loved ones with a gift that will adorn their space for many years, as their lifespan exceeds 2.5 years!


Everything we need to know about the rose before we offer it

The Rose and specifically the red rose is the king of flowers. The rose is a unique symbol of love and passion, rich in history and significance. It is an ornamental and deciduous plant. It consists of the root, the stem, the leaves and the buds. The flowers of the rose come out at the ends of the tender shoots. At first, its buds are closed, while slowly the petals begin to open and unfold. The petals have different colors such as white, red, pink, yellow and others.

The rose, in addition to the beauty, especially Roses For Ever and the fragrant flowers, also provides great flower compositions for any event, or Valentine’s day.


When I want to send Roses For Ever I need to know what the colors I choose symbolize

The color of the flowers is proportional to the variety of the rose but each color has a special meaning while the number of stems we offer is also symbolic. Let’s get to know them:


Roses For Ever and colors

Red: The flower of love

Red roses express true love, respect, power and passion. World symbol of love.
The dark color in some cases, symbolizes sadness.

Yellow: friendship, joy, tenderness

The only rose color that does not express romance and love. Yellow roses are associated with the sun, which makes them ideal as a gift. They convey the message of abundance and symbolize warmth, friendship and tenderness while representing joy and happiness. In Victorian times, yellow roses were associated with envy and passion.

Light purple or lilac: worship, greatness, thunderous love

The light purple color of lavender is traditionally associated with grandeur. In this sense, the shades of this rose indicate a majestic and excessive air and are generally used to express worship. Light purple roses are associated with charm and “love at first sight“. Dark purple roses are signs of prosperity and well-being.

Pink: joy, happiness, appreciation

Pink roses represent tender emotions, such as joy, pleasure, admiration. Light pink is a symbol of innocence and is associated with kindness and admiration. The dark pink, fuchsia, symbolizes deep gratitude and appreciation and is a traditional way of saying “thank you“. Also, pink roses express elegance and happiness.

White: purity, innocence, and respect

The white rose represents innocence and purity. A color that is very often used in weddings as it indicates the unity, purity and virtue of a new love that begins with marriage. They express honor and respect, a symbolism that makes them an ideal choice for saying goodbye to loved ones who are leaving life. It is a color that dominates in funerals, except weddings!

Orange: energy, passion, excitement.

Orange roses symbolize passion, energy and excitement as they evoke fire. They express pride and desire and compete with the red roses as messengers of a strong love. They are offered as an expression of enthusiasm or a gift to say “I am proud of you” and to show it in practice.

Blue: Perfection and desire

They are produced only artificially and symbolize the desire for the unfulfilled.

Green: harmony and fertility

They are usually beige roses with green highlights and are symbols of harmony and fertility. They are messengers of peace and tranquility and express our wishes for prosperity or a speedy recovery.

Black: perfection and farewell

They mark the end of an era and symbolize farewell. They are usually very dark red roses.

Roses For Ever and numbers

1 Rose: On the first date. A single rose symbolizes love at first sight.
2 Roses: The two roses represent mutual love and affection.
3 Roses: A bouquet of three roses is the traditional anniversary gift of the month.
6 Roses: The number of passion is symbolized by the six roses.
9 Roses: To send the message “We will be together forever,” send a bouquet of nine roses
10 Roses: A bouquet of ten roses expresses “Our love is perfection
12 Roses: A dozen roses shouting “Be mine!
13 Roses: Tell someone who will be your friend forever, with a bouquet of thirteen roses
15 Roses: To apologize send 15 roses.
20 Roses: Send the message “my feelings are really sincere” with a bouquet of twenty roses.
24 Roses: Two dozen roses means “I’m yours!
25 Roses: Send congratulations on twenty-five roses
36 Roses: Three dozen means “I’m madly in love!
40 Roses: Forty roses mean “my love for you is genuine“.
50 Roses: Expressing a love that knows no bounds, send a bouquet of fifty beautiful forever roses

To send roses for ever to your loved ones it is important to know the special symbolism before offering them. By consciously choosing the color and number of a bouquet, our gesture acquires greater value and meaning and offers even greater joy to our recipient.

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