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Flowers for Easter

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Flowers for Easter

Flowers for Easter are beautifully placed in baskets, various pots and vases creating wonderful gifts for special events from Laura Flowers.

Easter is a joyous holiday celebrated in the spring to honor the resurrection of Christ. Flowers for Easter are often a central theme in religious celebrations, but they are also part of festivals and celebrations in general. Whether you want to present traditional flowers that symbolize the death and resurrection of Christ or just want to illuminate the holiday, understanding the symbolism and significance associated with flowers for Easter and the colors of Easter flowers will help you choose the right flowers for Easter for every event.

To whom should you send flowers for Easter?

Flowers of this season are suitable for mothers and grandmothers or other close relatives, but they can also be sent to anyone who celebrates his name day. They are also suitable for groups such as a church or other religious groups. Sending an Easter bouquet to colleagues or even to your child’s school is always welcome. If you are invited to an Easter table or attending Easter events, offering flowers is a nice move.

When should you send Easter flowers?

The delivery time of flowers for Easter should be one or two days before the celebration of Easter. This allows enough time in case of delay and ensures that the flowers will still be fresh for Easter.

We celebrate Easter with flowers

Easter is the largest celebration of Christianity for over 1700 years. The Easter period lasts several weeks and includes several holidays. These days begin with Lent, a period of introspection and preparation, and pass into Holy Week. Holy Week is followed by the celebration of Easter, and the Day of the Ascension. Each of these special days has its own customs, and events.

Easter is the time when Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. They believe that Jesus, the Son of God, died for the unrighteousness of all and three days later came back to life to overcome death and evil.

Spring is the season of rebirth and growth! With new flowers blooming everywhere is really the perfect time to celebrate the spring months with our family and friends. Each spring flower has its own symbolism, so before you choose an Easter bouquet for your loved one or for your home, see which flower is the one that suits you best!

There are so many spring plants traditionally associated with the Easter season.

Find below some of the most popular and favorite Easter plants and flowers:

  • Lilac is the ornamental plant that has been associated with the celebration of Easter. It gives an impressive flowering that lasts 20 to 30 days, in late spring, close to the Easter period.
  • Narcissus is often the first flower to bloom in spring, and is known to symbolize new beginnings. When you want to give narcissus, then a bouquet of more than one will help you send a message of joy and happiness, instead of a single narcissus that can transmit misfortune.
  • Of course, no bouquet would be complete without the Easter lily. The petals bloom in the shape of a trumpet, representing the spread of the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. The Easter lilies have a yellow tinge in the center of the trumpet and highlight pure white petals. Lilies are considered Easter flowers because white symbolizes the purity of new life.
  • Dahlias are of Mexican origin and symbolize creativity, power and change. Dahlias are impressive Easter flowers and will look beautiful in any home.
  • The white beauties, the Easter lilies symbolize the purity of Christ to Christians and are the most popular flowers for churches and homes around the Easter holidays. Their growth from bulbs in the ground into flowers, symbolizes the rebirth and hope of Christ’s resurrection.
  • Tulips are one of the most traditional flowers during spring. Tulips can convey different messages depending on their color – but in general they symbolize perfect love. Choosing a bouquet or composition of tulips is the perfect way to light up the Easter table or send it to a loved one who is celebrating and is away.
  • Hyacinth is an aromatic plant that blooms in spring and you will find it in various wonderful purple, pink and white shades. Hyacinth traditionally symbolizes the sincerity and splendor of spring, as well as the calm, and the joy of the season.

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