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7 Best flowers for wedding

Since we are going through the wedding season, we decided to inform you about the most beautiful flowers for the bouquet or compositions for the wedding reception and ceremony as well as for the symbolism that each flower has in the bridal tradition. See what are the 7 flowers you must definitely add to your wedding list.

1. Lily flowers symbolize purity

You can not say no (who can) to the flower which is the ultimate symbol of purity and elegance. This flower was given by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary and its symbolism is, as you can understand, huge. A bouquet of lilies will surely impress everyone while it is ideal for those who want to have a simplicity in their wedding. If you intend to become queens on the day of the coronation then it is best not to choose a bouquet of lilies. You can find them in white – which is the most common color – but equally impressive are the pink, yellow, orange and purple. The lily is considered one of the most popular flowers for wedding bouquets and compositions.

2. Hydrangea is a very romantic flower

Hydrangea is a beautiful flower that can be found in shades of pink and blue in addition to the classic white and cream. Its spherical shape has made it very popular for creating compositions that are placed on tables of guests at the reception.

3. Lilac gives calm

Lilac is a flower that betrays calm and romance. If you want a subtle and calm color for your wedding theme then the color lilac is a good choice. Choose flowers with this color to have a more complete composition.

4. The lily of the valley is a very elegant flower

Mige (or lily of the valley) is a very elegant flower which symbolizes modesty. This particular flower became even more famous when Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, chose it for her wedding bouquet.

5. The orchid is ideal for more rock brides

Orchids, surely bring us something wilder to the mind just by hearing the word. You can find it in almost all colors – white, blue, yellow, pink, purple – and it symbolizes seduction. So if you are a wild bride (and when we say wild we mean rock) then maybe a bouquet of orchids is perfect for you. Orchids can also be used in pots to decorate the tables at the reception.

6. The rose symbolizes love

Roses (in all colors) could not be missing from the list of flowers that you can put in your bouquet as they symbolize love. Roses are a classic, timeless choice and if you are in that style, then these flowers suit you perfectly.

7. The tulip symbolizes passion

Tulip is a beautiful flower that certainly could not be missing from the list. They give a highly romantic but also minimal result as this flower has simple and unpretentious lines. Where you can make a difference is in the choice of color while what is impressive is that the tulip despite its humility symbolizes passion.

Wedding bouquets for 4 seasons

Spring wedding bouquets

It predisposes for summer and brings the feeling of freshness and light mood. The spring bouquet can only be in this climate, so you will choose between Tulips, Hyacinths, Lilies and Daisies. Lilies in different colors tied with lemon leaves are a wonderful choice for your bouquet.

Summer wedding bouquets

Ideal season for colorful bouquets in bright colors, since in summer the whole place is full of flowers you will not pay much for the bouquet. Zinnia, Verbena,  Chinese carnations and Calendula are fragrant and ideal flowers for a summer composition.

Autumn wedding bouquets

Autumn can combine flowers in summer as the seasons are near, but do not forget to choose dark colors and especially in shades of brown. Daisies, Kestro, Cyclamen and Begonias are extremely elegant for your bouquet.

Winter wedding bouquets

Mansion roses are primarily the preferred flower for a winter bouquet. In white, red, pink, whatever you choose, the rose is classic and chic. However, you have other options between azalea and violet. In case the wedding is during the Christmas period, the Alexandriano, the mistletoe and the fir branches can compose a bridal bouquet and make it extremely impressive.

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In case your wedding is in summer, be sure to inform your florist in advance about the flowers you have chosen as there are many weddings at that time and it would be good for the florist to know so as to order the appropriate quantity.

In addition to the flowers, you could decorate your bouquet with pearls and rhinestones either between the flowers or to dress its trunk. Satin ribbons, lace and tulle are the most popular fabrics used in bridal bouquets.

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