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Women’s Day

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Women’s Day

We, at Laura Flowers honor and recognize all the women who touch our lives every day. The Women who inspire us! On this special day, Women’s Day, we celebrate all women and every woman, who in her own way has made our lives special. She has left her own mark and we live wonderful moments with her.

A fragrant bouquet, a special plant, a colorful flower composition. Whatever you choose to send, everything is perfect. The flowers will uniquely complement your surprise and will lock every sweet memory of this day.

Send her an additional message and express how much you appreciate her. Show your recognition in everything she does for you. Express your love and gratitude for the care she provides.

Surely you know the best way to make your women feel happy. All the time, and not just on special occasions, it is important to show your love and care for them.

♥ Nice surprises bring smiles.

♥ Smiles bring hugs and hugs bring kisses.

♥ What more beautiful than moments full of happiness and joy.

The story of International Women’s Day

On March 8, 1857, working women from a textile factory paraded through New York City to protest low wages and poor working conditions.

In 1910, at the International Congress of Socialist Women in Copenhagen, the German feminist Clara Zetkin proposed that March 8 be designated as International Women’s Day for Struggle and their Rights.

In 1977, March 8 was established by the UN as the International Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

From then until today, this day was reminiscent of the hard struggles and equal demands of all women. Equal rights and her offer.

Today, in many countries as well as Greece, this day has lost its political message and this is because women’s values ​​and rights have now been recognized. So now it is a day of celebration, a day dedicated exclusively to WOMEN.

March 8: Women’s Day

All women love flowers. So, March 8 is a very good occasion to be offered a beautiful bouquet. Due to the huge variety and their unique appearance, flowers never lose their uniqueness. Each new flower composition is a new and personal statement of appreciation to a woman, positively reflecting your imagination and your interest in her.

Whether the flowers are for a wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or just a woman you would like to get to know better, the right choice of flowers will help you match each occasion with a flower composition or a bouquet.

Women’s Day – Choosing the right flowers

What is her favorite color? If you have no idea, think about what color she wears often. What color is her bag, her phone, her shoes, her laptop? Maybe the answer is right in front of your eyes.

Find out what the colors represent to ensure you send the right message.

  • Purple symbolizes love at first sight. A bouquet of purple flowers would be a good choice for your new girlfriend.
  • Orange represents desire.
  • Yellow exudes a sense of friendship.
  • Pink flowers show gratitude and admiration and are a good choice to send to your mother or your beloved aunt.
  • A bouquet of mixed colors is offered, if you are not absolutely sure about the message you want to give. The expression of emotions remains subtle and the mixed colors are bright and cheerful.

Reflect her personality through flowers

How would you describe her? Stylish and modern? Simple and natural? Calm and romantic? Career and dynamics? Sensitive and shy? Funny or serious? Even just a description of her personality will help Laura Flowers make the right choice.

The most classic choice is of course roses, whether you are going to offer flowers to your girlfriend or as a gift to your wife. Roses, especially red ones, represent passion and romance. But if red roses have become a permanent and expected choice of yours, it would be good to offer them in a different color, such as orange or coral, or even mix another flower in the bouquet. A great choice is to mix roses with tulips or aster flowers, which are known as the flowers of love.

If you really want to impress your girl, then give her something unique: lilies with fern leaves, a mixed bouquet, wildflowers (ask for a mixed bouquet of wildflowers. It is very romantic and usually does not cost too much). If when offered flowers she looks at them and places them on the window, the right choice is large and bright colorful flowers. If the first thing it does is smell them, then choose a bouquet of flowers that smell strong and beautiful (lilies smell great).

How to offer Laura Flowers?

The bouquet – The classic movement with the bouquet hidden behind your back always works as a surprise and gives you charm.

Delivery to the office – Send flowers to her work. At Laura Flowers we offer delivery and order online. Alternatively, deliver them yourself. It will definitely be something she will remember for a long time.

Surprise at home – Do you live together? Take the flowers, place them in a vase and put them somewhere where she will not notice them immediately.

The card -Leave your personal message with the flowers. Write something special on the card. The card will last much longer than the flowers and will always remind her of the gift you gave her.

Undoubtedly, bouquets for Women’s Day are the most elegant gift. Don’t just wait for special days to offer them. A woman will appreciate a bouquet of flowers more than just hearing you tell her you thought of her.

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